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Navagaraha Temples - In Hindu's Astrology, it's strongly believed that the 9 planets (navagarahams) play a vital role in an exceedingly man's fate and every one these 9 planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) were known Navagrahas. In Astrology every planet is represented by sure energy within the kind of an iconic quality.


It is additionally strongly believed that worshipping these navagraha temples can profit the those who suffered by Doshams like surya dasai ,kalathura dosham, puthra dosham,etc.,


According Hindu faith, it absolutely was trusted that these planets (navagrahas) were in-charge for punishing or giving judgements for those did sins in their poorva jenmams. additionally if you done any sensible deeds in your poorva jenmam, these planets can provides us luxuries in our life. thus worshipping these navagrahas often can cut back its effects on us.


Navagaraha temples in TN

Suryanar Koil : Suriyan Temple / Sun

Thingalur : Chandiran Temple / Moon


Vaitheeswaran Koil : Shevvai Temple / Mars

Thiruvengadu : Budan Temple / Mercury

Alangudi : Guru Temple/ Jupiter

Kanchanur : Sukhiran Temple / Venus

Keezha Perumpalam : Kedhu / Kedhu

Thirunallar : Saneeswaran Temple / Saturn


Thirunageswaram : Raagu Temple / Raagu


Vaishnava Nava Graha Temples


Tanjore District

Suryan : Sri Sarangapani  Temple  -Thirukudanthai-Kumbakonam

Chandran: Sri Naadan  Temple - Thirunandipura vinnagaram

Sevvai: Nachiyaar  Temple  - Thirunaraiyur

Budan: Valvil Ramar Temple - Thirupullamboothangudi

Guru: Andallakummaiyyan Temple - Thiruaadhanoor

Shukran: Valvil Ramar  Temple  - Thiruvelliyankudi

Sani : Oppiliappan  Temple  - Thiruvinnagaram

Rahu: Gajendra Varadan  Temple  - Thirukavithalam

Kethu: Jagat Rakshakan  Temple  - Thirukudaloor

Tirunelveli District

Suryan : Sri Vaikuntha natha perumal (Srivaikundam)

Chandran: Sri Vijayaasana perumal temple (Thiru Varagunamangai)

Sevvai: Sri Vaaitha Maanitha perumal temple (Thirukolur)

Budan: Sri Kaisana vendhar perumal temple (Thirupulingudi)

Guru: Sri Aadinathar temple (Alwar Thirunagari)

Shukran: Sri Makara Nedunkuzhaikkadan perumal temple (Ten Tirupperai)

Sani : Srinivasa perumal temple, Perungulam

Rahu: Sri Aravinda Lochanar perumal temple (Erattai Tirupathi)

Kethu: Sri Devapiran perumal temple (Erattai Tirupathi)



Navagaraha temples in Chennai


Agatheeswarar - Surya - Kolapakkkam

Somanaadheeswarar - Chandran - Somamangalam

Vaidheeswarar - Angaragan - Poonamallee

Sundereswarar - Budhan - Kovur

Ramanaadheeswarar - Guru - Porur

Valeeswarar - Sukran - Mangadu

Agatheeswarar - Shaneeswaran - Pozhichalur

Neelakandeeswarar - Kethu - Gerugambakkam

Nageshwarar - Rahu - Kundrathur

Sun Temples in India


Well-known Surya Temples in India are

1) Surya Narayana Swamy Temple in Arasavalli Andhra Pradesh

2) Bhramanya Dev Temple at Unao in Madhya Pradesh

3) Eramathoor Soorya Temple in Mannar, Kerala

4) Biranchi Khetra (Biranchi Narayan Temple) in Buguda, Orissa

6) Suryanar Temple at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu

5) Punark & Deo Barunark in Bihar

7) Sun Temple at Sri Surya Pahar in Assam

8) Adityapuram Surya Temple in Kottayam, Kerala

9) Dakshinaarka Temple in Gaya, Bihar

10) Sun Temple in Modhera, Gujarat

11) Balaji Sun Temple in Unao, Madhya Pradesh

12) Martand Sun Temple in Jammu and Kashmir near Almora in Uttarakhand



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