Navagraha Deepam

Navagrahas, or the Nine Planets, are important deities of the Hindu religion. The cosmic energy we receive contains different energies coming from these celestial bodies.
The Navagraha Deepam (lamp) is lit in the puja room of our house to inspire positive vibrations. In this lamp, Lord Surya (Sanskrit: सुर्य, surya), the Sun, occupies the center place.

Lord Surya is the source of life in our Solar System and represents the Light of Wisdom who dispels our darkness. In the Navagraha Deepam, Lord Surya is surrounded by the other Grahas (planets).


The nine faces of the lamp represent the Navagrahas. The face of Saturn is made of iron, or steel, to please Shani Dev (Sanskrit: शनि, śani), who represents the inner strength that is founded in Truth. The lamp is to be placed is such a way so that the face of Saturn points in the West direction.
Diametrically opposite to the face of Shani Dev, is the face for Shukra (Sanskrit: शुक्र, śukra). Shukra, which is the planet Venus, is the emblem of love and attachment. Shukra is the Guru of the asuras (forces of duality), and teaches us the art of indulging in the senses.
All of the faces in this lamp can be lit daily to welcome success and happiness. Alternately, the lamp can be lit on Saturdays.
When one lights the lamp on Saturday, it is suggested that each of three faces be lit. One face for Shukra, which represents the prior day, one for Shani Dev, and one for Lord Surya for the following day.
Lighting this Navagraha Deepam in the house brings prosperity, good health, peace of mind, and courage. While lighting the Deepam the following verse should be chanted for beneficial effects:


Monday: Unnecessary fears will get eliminated. Skin diseases will be cured. State of being without peace of mind due to worries will vanish. Inferiority complex will go away.
Tuesday: Obstacles for marriage, such as marriage getting unduly postponed, will be removed. Other problems in marriage due to Chevvai Dosham (unfavorable planetary influences), or problem due to Ketu, He who presents obstacles, will be eliminated. This day is auspicious for Devi.
Wednesday: Proper diagnosis of a sickness or disease will be discovered in time. Memory power will increase. There will be no break in studies. You will get good friends.
Thursday: Problems created by children will be removed. Happiness will prevail in the family. Obstacles to marriages will be eliminated and favorable solutions will emerge. Family will be blessed with children.
Friday: It brings home cordial relationship between husband and wife. Unnecessary expenditures, problems with loans, and the mental agony faced by the ladies in the family, will all come to an end.
Saturday: Fear over apprehension of black magic will go away. Uncertainty over confirmation of a job will be removed. Problems in the business will be solved. Long life with good health will be assured.
Also, “Rahu Dosham”, or the unfavorable aspects of Rahu, (He Who Controls the Outward Projection of the Mind), will be removed. Thus, many benefits will accrue by lighting Deepam on Saturdays!
Sunday: The Sun gives the natural light for the world. When we light Deepam with ghee in our house on Sunday, our tendency to blame God for all of our problems will go away. Also, difficulties due to the non-performance of ceremonies and pujas to our ancestors be eliminated.
By the light of the Deepam our nerves and heart will be strengthened. Stomach problems will be cured. We can say “Namaskara Piriyar Bhanu” (The Sun God Likes Prostration). By saying this, we will remember to do Surya Namaskaram. Also, it is beneficial to chant or listen to the Aaditya Hridayam (also spelled Ādityahṛdayam) which is a great hymn associated with Āditya, the Sun God.

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