Gemstone Therapy in Preventing Diseases

Gemstone Therapy in Preventing Diseases:It is believed that every Navaratna gemstone carries a vibration of its own where these vibrations match with the vibrations of every our organs at intervals our physical body. The Navagraha Gem Stone vibrations conjointly have an effect on our body that helps the body to attain not solely balance and awareness, however conjointly improves our emotional, religious and physical levels.
Planetary Gemology
The use of crystals in watches, computers and lasers shows the importance of gems in their technological uses whereas their potential to cure diseases, balance human emotions and far alternative potential don’t seem to be recognized by the western science and drugs. An professional study of Gem Therapy has proved the Vedic uses of gemstones in astrology and drugs and is proved by the experiences of range of individuals. The science of planetary gemology is additionally the foremost effective healing tool and this technique counteracts the imbalances in their lives, whether or not they are physical, mental or religious.
The Influence of Gem Stones in humans
The colors or vibrations of specific gemstones correspond to the colours and vibrations of varied planets within the solar system. The gems produce their impact by each absorption and reflections of the vibratory rays and therefore the degree of influence depends upon the actual colours and absorption rate. The Navaratna gem stones have abundant cosmic powers and their force is often positive.
History of Gem Therapy
The westerners trace back the origin of birthstones to the “Breast plate of Judgment” ruled by Bible by the Moses. every gemstone had a reputation of the tribes of Israel. however the utilization of gems was terribly extensively said in Indian scriptures. The directions on their uses and prescriptions are found particularly within the texts of the ‘Jyotish’ and therefore the ‘Garuda Purana’. they furnish detailed descriptions of the uses of gemstones as remedial measures to counter imbalances in an astrological horoscope by the carrying of gems within the body in addition because the uses of gems in getting ready medicines to be taken internally. Gems were conjointly employed by ancient rishis to destroy negative influences of planets and to extend their positive half.
Consulting Your Astrologer
For the right impact and positive force of gems they must be counseled by a professional Vedic astrologer, tantric or Ayurvedic practitioner and care ought to be taken to wear the right gemstones. Gems that don’t seem to be properly energized or not properly diagnosed can provide negative effects.

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