Navaratna Nine Gems in Hindu Astrology

Navaratna Nine Gems in Hindu Astrology: Navaratna could be a Sanskrit word which implies “nine gems” and is said to the 9 planets or Navagraha in Hindu Vedic astrology. The word Nava suggests that ‘nine’ and Ratna suggests that ‘gem’. every gemstone is said to at least one Graha among the Navgrahas. Navaratna gemstones are thought-about auspicious and believed to offer sensible health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind to those that wear it. It protects against negative energies or malefic effects of planets and strengthens the positive influences of the gems.

Navaratna Gemstones and their Planetary Representations
1) Ruby – Manikkam or Manek – Lord Surya or Sun
2) Pearl – Moti – Lord Chandra or Moon
3) Red Coral – Moonga – Lord Kuja or Planet Mars
4) Emerald – Marakatam or Panna – Lord Budh or Mercury
5) Yellow Sapphire – Pukharaj – Jupiter or Lord Guru
6) Diamond – Heera or Vairam – Venus or Lord Shukra
7) Blue Sapphire – Neelam – Saturn or Lord Shani
8) Hessonite – Gomedh – Lord Rahu
9) Cat’s Eye – Vaiduryam – Lord Ketu
Diamond, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire and pearl are named as Maharatnas as they’re thought-about to be superior to alternative gem. typically folks wear Navaratnas within the variety of rings. The positions of planets carry on changing, accordingly the dasa and mahadasas of the planets. Astrology says that the malefic impacts of Planets may be balanced by the effect of useful planets when one wears the Navaratna jewellery.
Navaratna Ornaments
Navaratna jewellery or Navagraha jewelry is changing into a lot of and a lot of well-liked today attributable to its astrological advantages. Some well-liked Navaratna ornaments embrace Navaratna necklaces, Navratna rings, bracelets, anklets, pendants, bangles, armlets and alternative trinkets. it’s necessary that the Navaratna jewelry ought to be made from gold or silver. Sri Garuda Purana states that before shopping for Navratnas or any gem, one must make sure that the gem stones utilized in the ornament are sensible. even be certain that the ornaments ought to be worn once cleaning and charging with Navagraha mantras. it’s advisable to wear the jewellery before sunrise or any auspicious day at a temple.
Navaratna in alternative Languages
Navaratna is thought as Navarathnam in Malayalam, Navarathinam in Tamil, Navarathnalu in Telugu, Nopparatana in commonplace Thai, Nopparat in Rajasaap (Royal Thai), and Navaratne in Singhalese.

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