Tosa navakiraka nivarttistalam

Navagraha worship to worship on the first tirumankalakkuti
Navagraha worship to hope on the primary pilgrim’s journey “tirumankalakkuti”. The Sun temple is set terribly near the temple. Mulavar the “Piranavaratesvararuma”. deity of the “Mangala heroine” within the grace of the destination, vinayakar Mangala, mankalakkuti, Mangala Nath, heroine and Mangala Mangala Theertham “Mangala Kshetram famine and” worshiped .. Tirunavukkaracarala, Tirunanacampantara sing the world is holy. “Mankalakkuti ruling atipiran nalavai feet became spherical ettave kurramilarkale” Sambanthar praised the Lord’s Body.

He was doing penance within the range of mountains, sort of a “kalavar” one amongst the goodsage. Mukkalamum knew. One monk came to him, realizing the strength of the sage’s penance, to let himself asked regarding the long run. when a while sitting on the priest Nishin time towards the sage, “turaviye, my nanatirusti your expectations with the data that there’s nothing,” he said. The turaviyo “Great Sage. Everyone’s saying about the long run of water, however area unit you ever about toapprehend what your future muyarcittatunta? apprehend something regarding your future,” the query. Muni Default surprised the priest “who?” He asked. The turaviyo “I am God’s time,” he told.mounted wizard that his future are to envision if his nanatirusti, himself, before the response by the utilization of “heavy kusta disease” pitikkapovatai felt. Varittamurrar. Mintita from the grip of thesickness on the lookout for art. Navakkirakankale bankers before considering the reaction functions for applications, serious tavattinai created towards them. Navagrahas continental munivaratu severe penance, penance mecciya time to color, “What gift does one want?” Hear that, kalavar, to Navagrahas, caused himself to use his pre-vina enrm kusta disease, from its kattitumarum asked himself. Navagraha heroes “Let Likewise, you kusta communicable disease as” acirvatitanar.

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