Visit Navagraha Temples in one Day

One day Visit

1. Thingaloor
Chandran (Moon)
Thingaloor chandran towards Thiruvaiaru  start at 5:30 AM from kumbakonam if Thanjavur start @ 6:30 AM Papanasam, Iyampettai take right to Ganapathy Agraharam, take left towards Thiruvaiyaru 5 km,  turn right at 2 second arch – 2 kms after arch to reach temple. driving time 1:15 mins – 30 kms temple opens at 7:00 AM spend 30 mins start at 7:30 AM back to Kumbakonam.
2. Alangudi
Guru (Jupiter)
Breakfast @ kumbakonam  at 9:00 AM – 30 mins Start to Alangudi (Guru)  Towards Mannargudi 30 mins, 18 kms drive see temple arch left – 2 kms inside  reach temple by 10 AM.    Finish darshan within 30 mins. Return back to Kumbakonam turn right on Karaikal road before Fly over Bridge – 15 mins drive.
3. Thirunageshwaram
Reach Thirunageshwaram – Raghu sthalam by 11:15 AM , big temple it will take 30 mins for dharshan.
4. Suriyanar kovil
Suriyan (Sun)
At 11:45 start towards Ammachatram, shortcut route via Thepparumalanallur Road 2kms drive. Right turn on Mayiladuthurai road drive 10 km to Aduthurai, cross Cauvery bridge turn left drive 3 kms to reach Sun (suriynar kovil temple), total 15 kms drive in 30 mins. Reach temple by 12:15 PM, spend 30 mins at temple. Start at 12:45 PM to Sukkiran – Kanjanoor temple.
5. Kanjanoor
Sukkran (Venus)
To reach sukkiran  temple  kanjanoor  7kms drive in 10 mins reach temple by 12:55 PM, temple will close by 1:15 PM., so each before that. Dharshan time 10 mins.
6. Vaitheeswaran koil
Sevvai (Mars)
All Temples close time 1:15 PM to 4 PM.  Travel towards Mayiladuthurai 28 kms drive in 45 mins and finish your Lunch. Start to Vaitheeswaran temple- Mars (sevvai) at 2:30 PM drive 15 kms travel towards Chidambaram. Reach temple by 3:30 PM or 3:45 PM, temple opens at 4:00 PM. finish darshan by 4:30 PM.
7. Thiruvenkadu
Bhudan (Mercury)
Start towards Thiruvenkadu (Bhudan) – 5 kms before Chidambaram  use bypass – turn right towards Kariakal road, on Poompuhar road intersection turn left drive towards Poombuhar   drive 4 kms turn left 3 kms to reach Thiruvenkadu (Bhudan) reach temple by 5:15 PM, 45 mins drive. Dharshan 30 mins.
8. Kelaperumpallam
Return and catch the Poombuhar main road turn left drive 8 kms just 2 kms before Poombuhar  turn right and reach Kethu temple – Kelaperumpallam.Drive time 30 mins, reach temple by 6:15 PM, dharshan time 30 mins.
9. Thirunallaru
Sani (Saturn)
Start at 6:45 PM reach Poombuhar – karaikal road intersection at 7:15 PM. take left towards Karaikal , drive 28 kms via Thirukadaiyur, Tharanganbadi, straight road towards karaikal,  drive time 45 mins, reach karaikal by 8 PM, drive towards Kumbakonam road 5 kms to reach Thirunallaru saturn – Sani temple by 8:15 PM, dharshan 45 min.

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